This page is designed to give you a preview of the introductory sessions of your training program. Each fitness program will be tailored to your fitness needs.

Session 1

Work Out! This is you first free workout session. Bring yourself, a water bottle and from there I will guide you through an intense calorie-burning workout. Note:If you are a female 65 years or older or a male 55 years or older please bring written permission to work out from your health-care practitioner.

Session 2

The second session will is dedicated to fitness testing and pre-exercise screening.  Together we will review your past and present health and exercise history, lifestyle habits and choices, as well as outline your wellness and fitness goals. Fitness testing will include cardio-vascular, strength and endurance exercises, giving information about your level of fitness in these areas.

In addition, I will also issue a lifestyle questionnaire which includes such questions as: “How much water do you drink daily?”, “How often, if at all, do you currently exercise?”, “What are your food habits?”, “Do you eat out or cook more often?” etc..

The questionnaire is used to help me gain a better perspective of you as an individual. It gives insight to your strengths and weaknesses and pinpoints where we should begin your exercise program. Overall, this session assist me determining how I can best advise you through your customized TrainwithLottie fitness program.

At the end of this session you will take home a second form called the Health Status Questionnaire (HSQ) which you will then bring back to our second session for us review. The HSQ gives further insight relating to your current and past health history. This form will also provide me with your personal contact information as well as your emergency contact information.

* Please not that all information gathered from these forms and shared during this and future training session is kept strictly confidential.

Session 3 and Beyond

Following Sessions 1 and 2 you will have a good understanding of type of program we will design for you. Starting with Session 3 we will work within this customized program to obtain the attainable goals which we discussed during our first session. We will also work together in different areas of fitness for the ongoing sessions in order to achieve tangible results aiding you in assisting your personal wellness and fitness goals.