“I met Lottie in 2009 through a mutual friend.  We began to discuss healthy living and fitness, and I knew instantly Lottie was the coach I needed to achieve my goals.  In graduate school I had gained over 20 pounds by eating convenience foods while working on a computer 12+ hours per day.  As soon as I graduated, I contacted Lottie to make a change.

We had an initial meeting during which Lottie provided healthy eating and proper supplement guidance and we set my goals: get back to “myself” as a healthy, everyday athlete!  We created a plan that included two months of eating and exercise changes on my own.  With her guidance, I lost 15 pounds and 14 inches!  Then we started intense strength and agility training together to melt my body to my goal shape and make me a better and faster softball player.  Lottie motivated me through tough training sessions, and pushed me harder than I would on my own.  So far with Lottie, I lost 20 pounds (14% of my starting weight) and 21 inches off my body, including 6 inches at my waist.  I went from a size 10 to size 4 in just 4 months!  I’m back to myself again – healthy, active and strong!  Now I’m wearing a bikini to the beach, the first time since high school, and my skills on the softball diamond are noticeably improved.  Lottie is an inspiration and great coach for anybody interested in fitness, nutrition and self-confidence!”

- Jonelle Myers
I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in my life since I started working with Lottie. I’m stronger, I have better balance, I look better and I feel amazing.  Lottie not only helped me understand the importance of committing to an overall healthier lifestyle, she gave me the tools to do so and helps me implement them on a daily basis.  If you’re serious about making a permanent change and having a great time doing it, Lottie is definitely your girl.”

- Becky Bickmore

“Thank you so much for being the most comprehensive and most personable trainer I have ever had. My previous experiences with trainers in the recent past had turned me off to personal training, but when Becky recommended you as her personal trainer — and I saw how great Becky looked and felt — I thought to myself this time it could be different…

And it was! Your no – nonsense approach to improving my body was just what I needed. No bulking and confusing exercises, but a unique workout designed to suit my body.

I wish you nothing but success!”

-  Mary Salvatera


“With only six weeks to prepare for my wedding, I had only a short time to get into shape.  Lottie was referred to me by a close friend. She designed a workout program that toned and sculpted my body to look great in my dress.  With her nutrition and supplement knowledge she guided me to a new level of health. In addition to achieving my physical goals, she also improved my range of motion in my back. I’ve struggled with scoliosis my entire life and her stretching techniques helped decrease the number of muscle spasms I was having each week. I would highly recommend Lottie if you’re ready to start living a healthier lifestyle.”

-  Meaghan R. Yaple