I provide several location options for you when it comes to training. Some clients of mine have preferred the gym where some prefer to be outside or train in their home environment. My goal is to give you the option to select the location which you believe best suits you!

Training in the Gym

If you decide to do gym training with me there are absolutely no initiation and no sign up fees.

When begin training with me I automatically cover your monthly membership fee and will continue to do so each month for as as long as we are training together. Read More

In-Home Training

In-home training is for clients who have an in home gym and the adequate space needed for other cardiovascular exercises. If  you think you may be set up for this type of training but are not sure please feel free to contact me and we can determine if this is the case. Read More

Other Possible Training Locations

Options available here would likely be at the gym at your place of employment or perhaps a gym in your apartment or condominium complex. As mentioned above I do provide extra specialized work out equipment including kettlebells, resistance training bands, stability and medicine balls to complement your ideal location. Read More

Outdoor Training

Many of my clients either train exclusively outdoors or choose to do a few of their sessions a week outdoors therefore, either of these is an option.  Outdoor training is done at a public or private park usually near your neighborhood. I provide the equipment for each session. Read More