Backscanner Dangers

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tIt’s been a while but I’d like to post up an entry with what I believe is a very important topic: DNA Damaging Backscanner Machines.

These are three articles which I’ve read this morning on the Backscanners used at airports which has become a recent concern and point of interest given my recent increase in airborne travel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… these things are insanely dangerous! It’s very sad that people don’t realize how dangerous they are and that you easily incur long term DNA damage. You see, the form of radiation used in these machines is terahertz (THz) radiation. This type of radiation easily penetrates the skin level of your body and has the ability to literally unravel the double stranded DNA and cause permanent genetic mutations … and people say these things are safe?! They not only cause cancer but can cause permanent damage with very little exposure. This first article is written by an airline pilot who is exposed to these nasty devices day-in and day-out on the job. Rapiscan Naked Body Scanners Are NOT Safe

This second article is pretty much a load of tripe (check out the symbol for the company) and tries to pawn of THz radiation as a “new development” in the medical world because it not only increases safety, but helps detect cancer! Oh my gosh, I really buy that line… someone tell me how ANY radiation exposure is not considered dangerous to you?! In order to help brainwash the reader, the article spends more time going into the details of how this form of radiation works rather than addressing possible counters or concerns about health risks. New T-ray source could improve airport security, cancer detection…

This last article is probably the best one as it outlines the nasty health effects of THz radiation exposure, which includes the unzipping of your DNA. Lovely. Terahertz Scanner Waves Damage DNA

Finally I have to include this article below because of it’s satirical (yet true) reader comments. It basically just reiterates the points from the above article siting another “reputable” government source, Los Alamos National Labs. How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

I encourage you all to do your own research on this topic, it’s very important to be informed and jucould help protect your long term health.

Outdoor Bootcamp Benefits!

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Spring is in the air and as the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom it’s important to remember to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

What is one of the best ways to do this you may ask? When will I find the time? Well, joining an outdoor work out class such as a bootcamp will help you maximize your workouts and enjoy the sunshine. Outdoor bootcamps are designed to help you increase your physical potential and push yourself to the next level!

By making use of the outdoors you can add some less conventional exercises to your workouts such as uphill and downhill crawling and agility drills. Bootcamps also provide the opportunity try new exercises and change up your exercise routine frequently. Because you are exercising in the outdoors you are able to perform varied physical exercises with different equipment than inside of the gym. This includes using equipment such as hurdles, agility ladders and rings, and cones for relay and shuttle run drills.

Physical Benefits
Bootcamp workouts provide a fantastic way for you to increase your body’s metabolic rate while keeping your workouts fresh and dynamic. This makes for more rapid, positive changes in your physique. In fact, there are many benefits to outdoor bootcamps. These benefits include:

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Increased post-exercise caloric consumption
  • A greater source of fresh air
  • Exposure to  Sunlight

Increased Metabolic Rate
Increasing your body’s metabolic rate will make it more responsive to exercise stimulating muscle growth and raising endurance levels. And a mixture of anaerobic sprinting, and body weight and resistance drills will elicit an anaerobic metabolic response in your body.

Fresh Air
Being outdoors exposes you to fresh air and lots more available oxygen – especially if you are working out in a park setting. Conversely, the air inside your gym is recycled which leads to a more difficult time re-oxygenating your body because there is less of a density of available oxygen. Also, the thermostat controlled environment inside the gym may also lead to faster dehydration because your body loses it’s ability to sense temperature.

Caloric Burn
Higher Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption means your body is demanding higher oxygen levels of available oxygen following an intense workout. This means your body will demand more oxygen  and burn more calories in order to provide the fuel to create it . This post work out calorie spike occurs both during and even several hours following your work out – another important reason to make sure you eat soon after you exercise!

Temperature and Energy Consumption

The temperature change of being outdoors also stimulates physiological and neurological responses. Outdoors your body can feel the work out and make the appropriate metabolic changes necessary. If it’s hot your body will need more water to cool it down and if it is cold your body will have to work harder to heat up muscle tissue, tendons and fascia – this is why athletes often wear warm up sweats and cover themselves when not on the court or field, which protects their muscles from getting cold.

Vitamin D and the Sun – the Metabolic and Immune Booster “if you can’t tone it, tan it”
If being outside and engaging in a high-intensity, calorie-burning workout isn’t enough for you then perhaps just getting some good old Vitamin D from our Sun is reason enough. If you’ve ever heard the phrase: “if you can’t tone it, tan it” you may understand what I’m talking about here. In fact, Vitamin D in its purest form (when provided by the sun) can help boost your metabolism and directly speed up thyroid hormone production.  It also increases exercise adaptations and allows for greater strengthening of your muscles.  Vitamin D is an immune booster which when coupled with regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep you healthy during those nasty winter flu seasons.

Mental and Emotional Benefits
In addition to the many physical benefits there are also, mental, emotional and psychological benefits to working out outside such as entertainment/fun, social components such as making new friends and team building.

Nervous System Stimulation
With outdoor workouts you have many different work out options which lend themselves to mental stimulation. Also, when working outdoors you have more options and a variety of exercises so neither your mind nor your muscles and nervous system get bored or ever completely over adapt to a workout

Team Building
There can be a certain element to outdoor bootcamps which leads to team building skills and more exposure to completing goals, not as an individual (as you would working solo at the gym) but as part of a team of two or more people. This leads to an interactive option that bootcamps offer us, allowing us to actually enjoy ourselves while sweating and burning calories.

Social Aspect = More Fun
Finally, bootcamps can provide a social network of new and old friends who are interested in health and wellbeing. Bootcamp can be a great outlet for meeting new people and making new friends  or aquantainces who are like-minded and interested in staying in shape.

Finally, the social aspect of people coming together for common fitness goals also perpetuates the need and want for us to continue participating in bootcamps. We can work together each week and help push each other during the workouts. This provides a mental, physical and emotional support system and thus helps us to reach our personal fitness goals more quickly. All and all it’s a win-win-win situation for all involved!

On a final note –

If you’re interested in having me hold a bootcamp in your area or joining up a bootcamp I’ve already established please contact me at or visit for more information.

February Exercise Tip of the Month

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Want to focus on losing those last few holiday pounds without sacrificing hours on the treadmill or elliptical?

Try interval training 1-2 times a week mixed in with your regularly scheduled yoga and/or weight-lifting sessions! Interval training mixes high intensity bouts of exercise with moderate and lower intensity “recovery” periods. It is most commonly performed by sprinting outside or on the treadmill although you can also use the elliptical if you’re looking for more of a low impact exercise.

The reason why interval training is so popular is unlike long bouts of running, you will not lose muscle mass. Because this exercise is so short your body will have enough carbohydrate fueled energy to sustain it through to the end without switching into a catabolic state. When your body enters a catabolic state it body is eventually forced to take energy from your muscles which breaks them down. Think of a sprinter’s body versus a long distance runner’s body — which one has greater muscle mass?

The key is to sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds and followed up with fast walk or jog for recovery lasting from 30-90 seconds. The recovery time can be adjusted as you progress and you can work you’re your way to an interval of 30 seconds of all out exertion and 30 seconds of recovery. All it takes is 15-20 minutes of intervals 2x a week and you will see a difference and feel a difference in your body, guaranteed!

Some additional tips for the best execution:

Make sure to warm up and cool down for 2-5 minutes before and after your intervals. Also, make sure to spend at least 10 minutes stretching after each exercise, holding each stretch for no less than 90 seconds. This will leave your muscles relaxed and ready for your next work out!

Sample Exercise

1. 3 – 5 minutes warm up (light jog, low intensity, gradually increasing at the end of the warm up period)

2. 30 seconds or 1 minute moderate or high intensity followed by 30-90 seconds low intensity (repeat 6 – 8 times)

3. 3 – 5 minutes cooldown (light jog, low intensity, gradually decreasing by the end of the cooldown period)

Note: If you are a novice at this exercise it would be best to start with longer recovery periods of 90 seconds and gradually work your way down to 30 seconds of exertion and 30 seconds of recovery.

Debunking the “Sugar-Free” Myth

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Do you have an excess of weight around your belly, hips or thighs that you just can’t seem to lose? Do you consume diet soda, chew gum, use conventional toothpastes and mouthwashes? Do you drink diet soda or substitute Splenda/Equal for sugar in your coffee or tea?

If so, you may want to check out this month’s article on Aspartame and artificial sweeteners to learn more about how they are not the best choice for your health and may be hampering your weight-loss goals. While excess sugar contributes to weight gain, excess consumption of sugar-free products contributes to both weight gain and more serious side effects.

Unfortunately in today’s age of incredible technology and busy “on the go” lifestyles less attention is directed towards what we eat, where it comes from, and how it is created. People want convenience and are very much willing to overlook the sources and ingredients of their foods and what they ingest. Many prepackaged and “man made” foods contain preservatives and harmful chemicals. Diet soda, Splenda, chewing gum, and even mouthwash and toothpaste often contain artificial sweeteners – you can guarantee that anytime you see the label sugar-free on a product it contains an some type of a chemical sweetener which are not really sweet but have been chemically engineered to “trick” your taste buds into thinking they are sweet.  These products are dangerous and also highly addictive. The bottom line is the words sugar-free should be your key to steer clear!

The “Sugar-Free” Deception

Today the consumption of sugar-free products is quite popular. With obesity rates skyrocketing among Americans companies have gotten sneakily smart about marketing these sugar substitutes to consumers. Sure, sugar is definitely one of the root causes of our obesity epidemic, but some equally as responsible contributors are the over consumptions of carbs, lack of exercises due to sedentary office jobs and the lack of commitment to making healthier choices due to busy lifestyles. With that said I would like devote some time discussing some of the nasty side effects caused by ingesting Aspartame and other sugar-free substances.

All of these artificial sweeteners cause the same toxic effects in our bodies but we shall refer to Aspartame primarily because it is most commonly identified ingredient associated with illness and disease. People who buy into the sugar substitute craze are being terribly deceived. Why is this? Well you see these substitutes actually contribute more to adding pounds to your waistline than preventing them as we will discuss more in detail…

What is Aspartame? Where is it found? What does it do?

Aspartame is commonly labeled as an “excitotoxin.”  According to Wikipedia excitotoxixicity is “the process by  which nerve cells are damaged and killed by excessive stimulation by neurotransmitters such as glutamate and similar substances” ( Other excitotoxins include: Monosodium Glutamate (more commonly known as the food additive MSG) and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. Excitotixins also stimulate the mental function of appetite in the body so the food will taste better to you – this the addictive property behind it. Have you ever wondered why that Chinese food or fast food tastes so good? Well that’s because these are typically the foods packed with the most MSG.

Aspartame also contains the powerful amino acid phelylalanine which causes the suppression of  Serotonin and Dopamine. Serotonin is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism and when it is not created in adequate amounts in your body you will crave processed, sugary and carb laden foods.  Dopamine is responsible for creating the feeling of satiety and when your levels are low you have a hard time feeling satisfied by what you eat. Aspartame also damages your metabolism, greatly slowing it down.

Not only this, but once aspartame is ingested into your body is breaks down into the toxic chemical methyl alcohol which further breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde  (a chemical used for embalming cadavers). The formaldehyde binds to your fat cells and acts as a preservative for body fat and showing up as excess weight and cellulite on your hips thighs and abdomen. All of these effects greatly contribute to weight GAIN and definitely do no promote weight-loss.

To this day there have been over 92 registered and documented illnesses and diseases associated with aspartame consumption ( Because Aspartame is a chemical compound everyone reacts to it differently. Some individuals may be quite sensitive to even trace amounts in their toothpaste or chewing gum. The bottom line is: Aspartame is a chemical substance. It is not naturally occurring in your body;  it disrupts your neurological and metabolic functions and should be avoided.

The Story Behind the Creation

According to Dr. James Bowen (M.D.):

“When the FDA first looked at this molecule they held aspartame off the market for many years because it is a potent chelating agent which carries many heavy metals including arsenic into the body. The heavy metal poisoning from NutraSweet also poisons your metabolism, blocks the burning of calories and on the long haul this virtually irreversible poisoning from heavy metals will continue to encourage weight gain.”

(‘Aspartame and Weight Loss’ —

How Aspartame Wrecks Havoc on your Body

Excitotoxins destroy neurons by stimulating the generation of large numbers of free radicals in your brain. The damage caused by excitotoxins is not just specific to the brain and Central Nervous System but it also occurs in other areas of the body such as the liver and tissues. The result can be concentrated areas of fat deposits and water retention in the body. For women who are chronic diet coke and gum chewers this appears as cellulite which freely deposits around the hips and thighs.

But Wait There is Good News!

There are alternatives for almost every product containing sugar free chemicals and even natural toothpastes sweetened with Stevia and Xylitol which are both plant derived and completely safe and natural.

Additionally, artificial sweeteners have been known to be just as addictive as cigarettes and alcohol causing both mental and physical addition. So remember if you currently consume these products and you suspect you may be addicted due to cravings your are best to avoid them. You will eventually lose the cravings and you will be able to repair your metabolism and watch those extra pounds melt away.

Also, exercise and healthy eating also go a long way towards helping your body cope with low serotonin and dopamine levels associated with sugar substitutes. Physical exertion probably the absolute best way to boost your endorphins and raise your serotonin and dopamine levels naturally without experiencing a high and then a low following, leaving your feeling more equal — no pun intended.

Raw Food 411

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Fitness is important all year round and solid nutritional practices help promote healthy and consistent exercise habits. Remember that more than 60% of the results you can attain are related to what you fuel your body with (aka what you eat). Eating whole foods versus cooked foods is an easy way to increase the level of nutrients in your diet and reap the benefits. This month I would like to focus on the importance of nutrition and how easy it can be to lose weight, build muscle, increase your strength and stay fit just by incorporating more raw whole foods into your diet. By not heating foods above 116°F you preserve the natural enzymes and amino acid bonds in whole foods thereby unfaltering their raw state. These Raw foods help the body absorb more nutrients and support more complete digestion than it would with any form of cooked food. Raw food is also chalked full of minerals, enzymes, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fiber to support healthy digestion, the intellectual synthesis of information and physical stamina. There are many more reasons why raw food is more nutrient rich than its cooked alternative, all of which I will touch on a bit later.

Recently one of my clients brought to my attention a blog by Steve Pavlina who is a well known blogger in the internet community. Three years ago this January, Steve documented his third raw food trial; this time a fruitarian interpretation (fruitarian being a diet mostly comprised of raw fruits) versus his previous trial of a high fat raw food diet. As a result he lost over 8lbs of pure body fat (not water weight) and neutralized his body pH levels to an alkaline balance of 5.0. Alkaline body pH leads to stronger immunity and resistance of disease and viruses where as an acidic bodily environment leads to illness and disease from the common flu to cancer. His results were more than impressive and after a brief stint going back to his cooked vegan diet he decided to make the change to raw foods for good. His article inspired me to make this first newsletter about raw foods and how learning to incorporate more organic and raw foods into our diet is greatly beneficial.

As many of you may already know I am strong believer in the power of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet for many reasons. Raw foods promote healthy pH levels in your body leading to a healthier immune system, resistance to serious and common illnesses, weight-loss, clarity of thought and mind, not to mention lean muscle mass production. Not only that, but raw foods also increase your ability to endure intense exercise, increasing your body oxygen synthesis and muscular strength. You also can easily combat muscle soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by keeping your body’s pH levels lower by eating more raw foods. Therefore you can work out, harder and longer, while retaining lean muscle mass. What could possibly be more wonderful than that?!

The raw food diet is comprised of such foods as: fruits and vegetables, soaked and spouted nuts and seeds, seaweeds and naturally occurring herbs and sweeteners. While this may not sound like a lot of food options there are an abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in the world. When you combine several of these whole foods together you can make some of the most delicious, satisfying and healthy meals in existence.

As mentioned previously, by not cooking your food your are preserving the natural enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids in the food allowing for easier digestion since your body does not need to release its own digestive enzymes, of which you already have a limited amount, for digestion. Digestive enzymes in the body become more and more scarce as we age and every time we consume cooked foods we are lessening our reserves. This is one of the prime reasons that as individuals age they are plagued with digestive issues such as colitis, diverticulitis, heartburn, and gastrointestinal ulcers.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a greater importance of the quality of calories, versus the quantity of calories an individual needs to consume daily. It is more beneficial for your body to consume a 1500 calories of raw and organic nutritious fruits, vegetables and nuts than it is for it to consume 2500 calories of cooked meals, animal proteins and processed protein snacks and shakes. If you have any doubt in this try elevating your levels of raw foods for 8-12 weeks and watch how much your body will transform and how your fitness performance greatly increases.

Finally, if you are already not convinced that incorporating more raw foods into your diet will positively influence your mind, body and physical performance I urge you to try my 30 Day Raw Challenge. If you are already on board I challenge you to try them anyway!